Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Model Spotlight: Chereandra Blakley (The Curvy Styler By Jchell)

I would like to thank model Chereandra for opportunity to interview her. After conducting her interview, Chereandra is just getting her feet through the door of plus size modeling. Even though she is fairly new to the industry, she has been staying active. I'm sure in due time you will see this beauty slaying the runway and doing other things offered in the industry. Here is her interview.

Jchell: Where are you from? 
Chereandra: I am originally From New Orleans, Louisiana, but I reside in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

Jchell: Where did you attend high school/college?
Chereandra: I went to Oscar Dean Wyatt High in Fort Worth Texas, where my talents for music was embraced by the wonderful Jewell Kelly teacher of gospel singer Kirk Franklin.

Jchell: What are some of your main interests and hobbies? 
Chereandra: My main hobbies are modeling, singing, fashion, and also doing my mom's mani and pedi at home being that her mobility is slowly but surely coming back. 

Jchell: How long have you been modeling?
Chereandra: I would say I have been active in trying to become more relevant for about 1 year.

Jchell: Are you an independent model or an agency model? 
Chereandra: Right now I am an independent model and open for all the advice and input I can get from powerful women in the industry. 

Jchell: What was it like starting out as a model?
Chereandra: It was hard and also a life lesson learned, I always thought I wasn’t good enough. My first shoot was in Dallas, the guy who was behind the lens I guess he didn’t think I was good enough to be published on his page but now that I have positive feedback from people near and far he want me to shoot again. I learned, don’t let no one stop you from pursuing your dreams, you fall but you better get back up and that’s what I did. This isn’t an easy role as a plus size model, it's plenty of beautiful women out there and our job is to catch their eyes and that’s my mission as of today, keep grinding.

Jchell: Have you been published in any magazines?
Chereandra: No, but I’m not saying it will never happen either, this journey has just begun for me. 

Jchell: Besides modeling, have you done any acting?
Chereandra: I have been to open call auditions, but have I actually gotten a role no ma’am.

Jchell: Let's talk about your beauty regimen. How do you keep your hair and skin looking healthy?
Chereandra: I am a natural girl, so first off I try to drink 60 ounces of water a day at the very least. I also use Neutrogena Clean and Clear facial wash, sonic facial brush, and toners of my choice are Neutrogena step 2 toner and all natural aloe  as a moisturizer. I use Aveeno Brightening Face moisturizer with sunscreen or shea butter. For my hair, I have not had a perm in 5 years I get deep conditioning and also use peppermint cleanses in between each installment of whatever protective style I have. I also take biotin faithfully with a good multi vitamin.

Jchell: What are your favorite fashion trends you love?
Chereandra: I'm a pin up vintage type of girl, I’m loving the chic look it speaks power and so much happiness. I don’t match all the time, I like bold pieces to highlight my fit for the day. I also like anything that’s handmade meaning nobody is alike, I like being that woman, I only can walk in my shoes.

Jchell: Every girl has a special “can't live without this” in her closet, what's yours?
Chereandra: Well, I must say this is kind of hard, as of right now I can’t live without my pink fuzzy Fendi slides after a long day at work those are my go to, I don’t have a shoe yet that I own thast worth me wanting to just get home and get comfy.

Jchell: Who’s your favorite photographer(s)?
Chereandra: My faves have to be NYC Marta Dorosh Photography, Shoot With Gary in Dallas, and Kelly Williams photography. 

Jchell: Knowing what you know, what advice would you give to other models trying to establish themselves?
Chereandra: Don’t give up! Don’t under estimate yourself keep pushing. You're beautiful, just because one person may think you’re not the look for them, it’s just God moving because he got something bigger and better for you. Start by taking quality pictures, start somewhere this journey is never over, always a learning opportunity.

Jchell: Is there anything else you would like to add?
Chereandra: I am a God fearing woman, that likes to empower other young women my age and even older. I recently turned 25 this November, I tried out for the Voice 2 years ago, I decided to go for my dreams and I live by there is no reason I can’t get what I want if I am putting in the work. Good things don’t come to those who sit. 

You can connect with Chereandra on the following social media outlet:
Instagram: @Chereandra_ 

Email: jchell@jonesgirlsinc.com 
Twitter: @JCHELL73

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