Thursday, November 17, 2016

Model Spotlight: Magdalene Bullock (The Curvy Styler By Jchell)

I want to thank model Magdalene for responding to my Instagram post. After conducting her interview, Magdalene is beautiful as well as talented. She is represented by Perfect Fit Models Agency and I'm sure she's a great asset to them. I would like to call her a 'mini plus size model' because of her size 10 frame. Don't be shocked when you see her gracing the runway with other well-known models. Here is her interview.

Jchell: Where are you from?
Magdalene: Thankfully I live in the City of Angels now but I am originally from the Ugly Desert aka The High Desert. (Edwards AFB, Lancaster, Palmdale)

Jchell: Where did you attend high school/college?
Magdalene: I attended Mojave High. Go ‘Stangs! I attended college at Antelope Valley College where I played volleyball and later attended La Mission with a degree in Liberal Arts and Sociology.

Jchell: What are some of your main interests and hobbies?
Magdalene: Let’s talk about it, food is my main squeeze. Love to try new things and it turns out I’ll watch a documentary about anything. Laughing until I can’t breathe is my absolute favorite any day.

Jchell: How long have you been modeling?
Magdalene: I’ve been modeling for about 4 years and loving every minute of it.

Jchell: What was it like starting out as a model?
Magdalene: Starting out as a model was pretty exciting. I picked up and owe a lot of my preparation to Supermodel Roshumba Williams’ modeling book. I started to book myself and always told people where I was going (to be safe) and love the adrenaline rush of booking your shows and walking on the runway. I was able to train and practice early on which gave me more and more confidence to book more jobs and network. I also expanded into print, runway, fit modeling, and catalog. There is more to modeling than just editorial.

Jchell: Have you been published in any magazines?
Magdalene: I have a feeling that my time will come soon!

Jchell: Besides modeling, have you done any acting?
Magdalene: I have done a little bit of acting my day.  If you can remember a show call Hell Date (yeah that was me), a few videos, comedy parodies with the talented comedian J. Anthony Brown, and also a few commercials for Pizza-Hut and Sparkle paper towels. Always a good time to spread your wings! I’ve also tapped into voice-overs and I am also a professional makeup artist.

Jchell: Let's talk about your beauty regimen. How do you keep your hair and skin looking healthy?
Magdalene: I try to keep it simple. Right now my miracle combo is to use Natural Clean Pampers baby wipes to remove my makeup and Shea Moisture’s facial toner. You’ll be excited and grossed out by how much dirt you’ll remove.

Jchell: What are your favorite fashion trends you love?
Magdalene: Classic, timeless styles are my favorite. Berets, fantastic coats and dresses you can wear throughout the ages are always my go-to. I’ve never been one that is in to the latest trend. I will usually appreciate the latest trend once it’s “out of style”. Then I’ll grab a piece off the clearance rack and rock it like nobodies business!

Jchell: Every girl has a special “can't live without this” in her closet, what's yours?
Magdalene: Easy slip on dresses and wedges. You’ll be dressed to the nines in 1 minute!

Jchell: Who’s your favorite photographer(s)?
Magdalene: Oh, so many to choose from! My favorites are the photographers I know personally like Derrick Rodgers, Kevin Sheffield, Mercy Perkins, and my sister Alecia Battle.

Jchell: Knowing what you know, what advice would you give to other models trying to establish themselves?
Magdalene: Be prepared, be professional, up your level, listen, keep at it and support each other. There is room for all of us to make it! Also, if you’re lucky, find a mentor and skip some of the mistakes people make early on while learning from the best.

Jchell: Is there anything else you would like to add?
Magdalene: I would like to thank you, Jchell Jones, for this wonderful opportunity to connect and reach out to your amazing followers. Forums like are a fantastic outlet for us to communicate, celebrate and show love to each other. You rock!

You can connect with Magdalene on the following social media outlets:
Facebook:  Themodelmagz
Instagram: @MagdaleneBullock

Facebook: Jchell Plus Size Model On Deck 
Twitter: @JCHELL73
Instagram: @jchell_model_stylist

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