Friday, November 11, 2016

Model Spotlight: Dina Alsaid (The Curvy Styler By Jchell)

I had the pleasure of interviewing model Dina Alsaid. Dina is new to the modeling industry. I had the opportunity to model with her in a few shows and I chose her to model in one of my shows, Jones Girls, Inc. Models Presents CurvFeisty 101 Hosted By Ashley Stewart. I truly admire her strength and her ambition to work hard to make herself noticed. I see her growing in the plus size modeling industry. Here is her interview. 

Jchell: Where are you from?
Dina: Born and raised in Dallas. My dad is Palestinian and my mom's family came from Spain.

Jchell: Where did you attend high school/college?
Dina: I went to Hillcrest High school in Dallas. I first attended Richland, then UTD then finished at UNT.

Jchell: What are some of your main interests and hobbies?
Dina: Hobbies? I'm a special needs mom so most of my free time is learning about autism and sensory processing disorder. I also love to workout. 

Jchell: How long have you been modeling?
Dina: I just started this past May. My first show was Mother's Day Sip & Shop at Ashley Stewart.

Jchell: What was it like starting out as a model?
Dina: Hardest thing is just getting picked for shows. I think in the DFW community has plethora of opportunities it is just finding out about who, what, where and when.

Jchell: Have you been published in any magazines?
Dina: No, I have not.

Jchell: Besides modeling, have you done any acting?
Dina: No, my only experience is recent. 

Jchell: Let's talk about your beauty regimen. How do you keep your hair and skin looking healthy?
Dina: I believe genetics and diet are important.  I make sure I eat yogurt or Greek yogurt and olive oil every day. I always use fresh berries in my protein smoothie. I am not one to spend money on pricey creams or serums.

Jchell: What are your favorite fashion trends you love?
Dina: I absolutely love denim. I just started wearing the over sized sweaters and ponchos. I know, I'm so behind.

Jchell: Every girl has a special "can't live without this" in her closet, what's yours?
Dina: The perfect pair of jeans. the pair that hug you in all the right places. 

Jchell: Who's your favorite photographer(s)?
Dina: Well, I'm only familiar with local photographers so I am going to say I love Kieone Young's work.

Jchell: Knowing what you know, what advice would you give to other models trying to establish themselves?
Dina: It will and does take time. Listen and watch. YouTube is not the same as listening and learning from seasoned veterans. 

Jchell: Is there anything else you would like to add?
Dina: No, thank you so much for the opportunity to interview with you . 

​You can connect with Dina on the following social media outlets: 
Facebook: Dina Alsaid 
Instagram: @dmalsaid
Twitter: @dmalsaid 

Facebook fan page: Jchell Plus Size Model On Deck
Twitter: @JCHELL73

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