Friday, August 26, 2016

Model Spotlight: Malinda Bell (The Curvy Styler By Jchell)

I was first acquainted with model Malinda (aka Yum Yum) via Curvz Magazine, she was their February 2014 cover model. Malinda is quite the beauty and has done very well with her modeling career in just a few years. Here is her interview.

Jchell: Where are you from?
Malinda: Oakland, California and Brooklyn, New York
Jchell: Where did you attend high school/college?
Malinda: Holy Names Private All Girls High School and Nyack College
Jchell: What are some of your main interests and hobbies?
Malinda: Photography, reading, writing, acting, modeling, shopping, meeting cool people, eating good food, walking in the rain, watching movies, dancing, going to the beach, treating myself to manicures and pedicures, and wearing sexy high heel shoes.
Jchell: How long have you been modeling?

Malinda: 3 years or so.
Jchell: Are you an independent or agency model?
Malinda: I’m with Bicoastal Models in NY.
Jchell: What was it like starting out as a model?
Malinda: I still feel like I’m starting out. I would say interesting in meeting new people, fun when I work with creative people, memorable when I’m around other models who I consider my sisters, and frustrating when things don’t go my way. I would like to get to the point where I can say extremely rewarding financially.
Jchell: Have you been published in any magazines?
Malinda: Yes. As a photographer, Black Enterprise, Vibe, XXL, Latin Connection, and more.  As a model, Curvz Magazine, Full Blossom, Trende Magazine (in Canada), Curvy Connect, Bronze Magazine, Move Over Mag, and Urban Tymes Magazine.
Jchell: Besides modeling, have you done any acting?
Malinda: Yes. I was recently featured on the cable show Independent Film Channel in a small documentary series called eMotions.

Jchell: Let's talk about your beauty regimen: How do you keep your hair and skin looking healthy?
Malinda: For skin, I wash everyday, periodically I may use a scrub and when I do I’m extremely gentle. I always moisturize and I also use eye creams. I’m an addict eye cream collector. I have so many, too many. For hair, my hair is natural so I try to wash twice weekly or at least once, condition, oil my hair and scalp and have my hair twisted or braided.
Jchell: What are your favorite fashion trends you love?
Malinda: My fashion trend style tends to vary depending on how I feel. I gravitate to colors such as white, hot pink, red, gold, and black, oh don’t forget my leopard prints and neon colors too!  I’m definitely not a conservative girl and I don’t believe just because an item has a designer name on it that it makes you or the item better than others. Sometimes I will buy the trend but won’t wear it when it’s popular. On days where I’m running around doing errands, a good ol’ pair of sweat or leggings will do. For the most part, I do love anything with fringes. I’ve been an avid Adidas sportswear and t-shirt collector for the past 5 years. I absolutely love high heels and boots. I love leggings from solid black to wild patterns. I tend to like sequins, big jewelry, midi dresses, lace dresses, basically anything loud, quirky and flashy. Lol.
Jchell: Every girl has a special “can't live without this” in her closet, what's yours?
Malinda: Shoes, purses, bras and panties, fur coats, ripped up jeans, fun t-shirts with sayings, leather gloves, well anything leather, camouflage cargo pants, jean jackets, and anything pink.
Jchell: Who is your favorite photographer(s)?
Malinda: Myself, Ellen Von Unwerth, Camilla Akrans, Marc Baptiste, Mario Testino, Gordon Parks, David LaChapelle, and more.

Jchell: Knowing what you know, what advice would you give to other models trying to establish themselves?
Malinda: Practice posing in the mirror, make friends, ask questions, and it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get chosen for a particular casting.
Jchell: Is there anything else you would like to add?
Malinda: Love yourself from the inside out, love life, and LAUGH!
You can connect with model Malinda on the following social media outlets:
Instagram: @YUMDIVAYUM

Facebook fan page: Jchell Plus Size Model On Deck
Twitter: @JCHELL73
Instagram: @jchell_model_stylist

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