Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fashion: The Bells Are Ringing! (The Curvy Styler By Jchell)

Ladies, are you ready for the latest 2016 fall trend? Well, this trend was popular in the 70’s and 2000’s and it no surprise we’re about to see it reappear this fall. It’s the bell sleeves tops (features a small bell that starts at the mid-forearm or wrist and can extend anywhere from the knuckles to completely covering your hand). Not sure if any of you Divas have bell sleeves hidden deep within your closet, but it’s time to start digging them out or borrow your mom’s, lol. Today’s bell sleeves are more tailored and does not quite have the attitude of past bell sleeves. Plus, it can take shape in everything from blouses and sweaters to sweatshirts and outerwear, which means it has the potential to dominate multiple categories. Since fall merchandise is just beginning to roll out, the bell sleeves are not everywhere quite yet.  I did visit a few of my favorite plus size stores. I noticed Ashley Stewart, Lane Bryant, Torrid and Avenue had them available. Personally, I’m still debating if I will be purchasing the bell sleeve top trend, but it is definitely making a come back. So, Divas if you do buy into this trend….Rock The Bell, in my LL Cool J voice!

PHOTO COURTESY  OF: ASHLEY STEWART www.ashleystewart.com

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