Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Fashion: Don't Let Winter Stop Your Summer Clothes From Being Active (The Curvy Styler By: Jchell)

Now that it is getting cooler it's time to stay warm and totally look like a Diva while doing it! Ladies, I know many of you enjoy the cooler months, if you are like me I will take cooler months over scorching hot months. Dressing for the winter season can be so much fun, just remember because it's cooler you don't have to put away your summer clothes. 

Wearing your summer clothes can be very versatile for the winter and it helps save money when shopping on a budget. Personally, I shop and buy clothes that can be mixed and matched throughout the seasons. I will admit cooler months are my favorite, you can really bring out the Fashionista within you by layering and adding accessories to your outfit. 

Having style during the cooler months I highly suggest that you experiment with hats, gloves, scarves, belts and coats or jackets to enhance your outfit, especially if you're a little fashion-phobic. Please Divas, remember to be careful when layering because you don't want to add bulk to your outfit. Not all layers are created equal, you need to think about the right combination of textures, fabrics, tones and fit. 

Tips for layering tops: You can wear a short-sleeve top with a sweater over it or with a cardigan. A dress can be paired the same way or with a blazer. You can also use a scarf to help keep your neck from getting cold or a cute hat to keep your head harm.

Tips for layering bottoms: If you don't want to wear thick slacks, try wearing a pair of tights or do what I do is wear pantyhose underneath them. Just make sure the tights are of thin material. You can also wear tights under your jeans, but make sure your jeans are not tight because the tights will show underneath. Also a mini/pencil skirt can be paired with color tights or leggings. Try shopping at Torrid or Walmart for fashionable tights and leggings, oh don't forget to wear that cute Moto Jacket with your outfit!

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