Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Being Plus Size & Online Dating (The Curvy Styler By: Jchell)

I know I have tried, well actually still trying online dating. I know for me trying to meet someone in person can be a tedious task for me because of my busy schedule. So, I turned to online dating sites. It has been quite the experience for me verses meeting a man on an ordinary day or night for that matter. Men tend to not really approach me in person, hmmm…maybe it's my height (wearing heels does not make it any better) or maybe it's my size, heck I don't know. I do know that dating online has been a lot easier for me. I make a profile, add some photos and presto I'm beginning my journey of online dating.

Sure dating can be difficult at any size, but dating for me as a plus size woman is different. On one site I find that men will peek at my profile and don't speak something made you peek, so why not speak or I read, "you're beautiful!" and that's it. I'm confused or maybe it's what I said in my profile that made them run for the hills, who the hell knows. Then there are the weird or strange messages I would receive from guys, um no delete and block. Now, I will say I have gone on a few dates and eh, the guys were not what I expected. Their profiles painted a totally different picture from what I'm seeing and hearing in person. So, back to the drawing board I go!

I weigh my pros and cons being a plus size woman using online dating sites to find that guy that's "right" for me. It can feel like everyone has an amazing dating life but you, and it can feel like you only attract people who have issues or fetishes. But I had to realize these things happen to any woman of any size. I also have to realize I'm not the only one that these things happen to, thank God! So, what do I say about dating online, well it's simple do what works for you. Either it's dating online or meeting someone in person. But for me I'll keep the profile up a little longer and see what will happen, who knows I might get lucky and be asked on a few more dates. I just have to think positive and see what the future may hold for me. I do believe God has a plan for this “big girl”, I just have to continue to wait patiently (God, please send a tall man). So, Divas if you have stories about your experience with online dating I would love to hear from you.

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